Government Strategy

and Foresight

  • Provide foresight tools to mitigate climate risks 

  • Scenario-based modelling to accelerate adaptation  

  • Guiding global policy-makers to assess potential opportunities for sustainable economic development

ESG Business Advisory

  • Cutting-edge frontier tech solutions for business model innovation

  • Portfolio and investment optimization strategies to take calculated risks to meet supply chain shocks

  • Transition procurement away from fossil fuels

Climate Adaptation

and Resilience

  • Mapping roadmaps, KPIs and climate adaptation strategies for revolutionary organizations who want eco-alignment.

  • Assessing risks and opportunities for organizations that want to level-up their climate mitigation. 

Stephane Loiret

Founder and Chairman of MiVote which is a political movement regarding democracy and social innovation. He speaks at various places around the world on leadership and innovation. Has won various awards and leads multiple companies across the world. 

Dr Saamdu Chetri

Developing resilience at a young age, Saamdu is referred to as a Happiness Guru by the BBC and played a pivotal role in Btutan’s development in Education, Renewable Natural Resources and Rural infrastructure. 

Mudita Pasari

Mudita is a designer who works with various organizations and who uses biodiverse habitation in her studio, Kuviuq, joining together human interaction and other ecological parts in her surrounding environment.  

Julie Green

Julie Green was an artist famous for her designs about making plates about the last meals of inmates on death role on the U.S called ‘The Last Supper’. She also made art on food, fashion and capital punishment.   

Clive Grinyer

Aims to develop innovation in companies and creative teams through collaboration and co-creating with others in order to develop transformative solutions in their organization. 

Erika Welch

Develops business strategies with companies and helps create a holistic and sustainable awareness within the organization's structure. Lectures on sustainability, innovation and design. 

Jole Morton

An energy healer and does intuitive reading sessions based on chakra balancing allowing clients to heal themselves from within. Certified Energetic and Reiki practitioner for 9 years based in California. 

Manas Mandal

Has over 35 years of research in cognitive psychology and is based in India. Has undertaken research into schizophrenia and emotion processing. 

Satinder Rekhi

Founded R Systems in the early 1990s and has a background in the Information Technology Industry. Also has an interest in the science behind happiness and sponsored a new centre at his previous University.

Vijesh Kansara 

Director of Cloud operations at  Snow Software. The company aims to change the way companies use and understand their technology consumption. It allows effective optimization of their resources and subsequently enhances their IT performance. 

Clare Dubois

Founded with the aim of social change and developing cultural competency with nature. The organisation has planted over 20 million trees and she has coached policy leaders with the aim of creating a holistic view of nature.

Adam Jacoby

Founder and Chairman of MiVote which is a political movement regarding democracy and social innovation. He is a global keynote speakers on leadership and innovation. Has won various awards and leads multiple companies across the world.

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson is the Director of The Catalyst Network founded in 2014. She helps mentor creative entrepreneurs with their leadership and business skills. She focuses on lifelong learning, creativity in the workplace and the 'Relationship Economy'. She leads national and international initiatives and has previously spent nearly 20 years working in journalism in Australia. She has had various senior roles in large organisations and has developed business networks in global companies.

John Collins

Has the aim of helping others achieve their purpose and develop ethical practices through good stewardship and interconnectedness. Has helped companies develop innovation and creativity.

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