World Replenish Index

The World Replenish Index (WRI) was launched as a means to include and transcend GDP. WRI is based on Replenish - a philosophy inspired by nature to help us live in harmony with it. In addition to the traditional accounting of a country, the WRI includes ecosystem services as a basis.

Moving our financial investments towards replenishing our planet and regenerating earth, the WRI justifies the use of ecosystem services for economic success. The measure endorses products and services that are 100% compostable - inspired by nature - to eliminate anthropogenic environmental degradation, such as growing amounts of waste in the ocean, on land and in space, by incentivizing future innovations that have a positive, replenishing impact on our ecosystem.

We did a project with DX Labs about the future application of the WRI. Click here to read about the convergence of AI and ecology.

The WRI book is coming soon! If you’re interested in contributing, please get in touch.


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