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Maker Fest and Replenish will be collaborating in 2017!

Replenish will be hosting Maker Fest Day 2 on 7th January. 

We are designing a sustainability strategy and will provide the background for creating zero impact on the environment.
Our 5 themes this year are:

1. Psychology of Waste:  
This topic explores the mindset around waste and what it tells us about ourselves. 
- What does waste have to do with us?
- How exactly do different people around the world view waste? 
- What are the characteristics of waste in India?

2. Space-Waste:
Urban cities, Policy, Physical spaces.

There is an invisible line that exists between spaces that we maintain and those that, as citizens, we do not feel responsible for. In India, the invisible line is around the perimeter of the home. Rubbish is out of sight, out of mind.

This topic explores how we hide our rubbish, and where we put it. It's an investigation on waste in our spaces. It's also an investigation into spaces that lead to waste, as well as how we factor in spaces for organising waste, and owning spaces.

3. Designer Products: Design/ Architects - Exploring how we design items and what elements go to waste. What are the challenges to create waste-free products, and who is pioneering this thinking and action?

4. Practical (Waste) Resource: Where people have tried to change the output from waste to resource through simple and practical methods individually or in communities. Taking and finding Examples of innovative means to restore waste to resource.

5. Innovation/Technology: The role of technology in the move from Waste to Make; Resources for the future. Software and hardware challenges and data science.

These are presented throughout the day by speakers giving practical examples of each for the context of India.  The themes are used by Maker Fest for workshops; installations and urban upgrading throughout the city. 

"A Day in the Life of a Piece of Crap" - Exploring Psychologies of Waste is the theme on the 7th of January at Maker Fest 2017, in Ahmedabad.

The 5 themes above are used to showcase examples of work currently being done in India, and how they can provide guidance for more projects like this.  The day is split between academic, entrepreneurial, design and technological methods for challenging the psychology behind waste. Speakers range from CEPT University, NID,  IIT Gandhinagar, IIM, CIIE, Serenity Library, SAP, and a range of entrepreneurs building an industry around Replenish principles of giving more than you take from planet earth.

On the 8th of January, 9.45 am - 12.00 noon our speakers will get together for panel discussions.

We look forward to seeing you there..!