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Welcome to 2050

The Museum of the Obsolete’ is set in the year 2050, comprising artefacts that once had negative impacts on the environment and have since become obsolete. It takes a future perspective as humans switch to eco-friendly alternatives and the ‘Replenish’ lifestyle. Using this as a conversational paradigm, the exhibition takes its visitors through a journey of endangered objects that, in our foreseeable future, have once been considered a threat to human sustenance.


Crafted as an interactive experience for users of all age groups, this exhibition tries to bridge the tangible and intangible by curating the narrative as an experience that permeates through the physical exhibit. It acts as a medium for self-reflection, encouraging the public to experience a sustainable planet that is a by-product of their individual shifts towards greener lifestyle choices.


A world where we all

 live in harmony with nature

The exhibit explores obsoletion in an eco-utopia through nostalgia.


Explore the museum as you wander through the     islands of replenish on an eco-utopian adventure. 


Interact with objects by tapping around it. 

Learn about their stories of obsoletion and more!

What object would you contribute to the museum of the obsolete?

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