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Indulge your child in a multisensory experience of ecotherapy, engaging them in fun activities to help them connect with soil.

What is it?

Replenish Earth's soil box consists of activities and exercises for kids ages 4-8 through an interactive journey as they connect with the great outdoors.

Let your little one explore, learn and take a step towards  becoming a green warrior with our first volume: THE SOIL SAVIOUR.

As kids learn and grow, experiencing nature with all of their senses is a critical part of their development. Exploration of the natural world allows young children to create a lasting attachment to the environment.


These tender ages are an opportunity to nurture our future generation towards becoming an essential part of giving back more than we take from the environment.


Echoing the concept of play as an essential role in building strong, healthy parent-child relationships by bringing you closer, our carefully curated box helps you nurture a positive bond with them. 

How does it work?

What's inside the box?

Every kit* comes with all the necessary parts to begin play right out of the box:

1. Welcome note + instructions for parents

2. Interactive adventure map (Soil Saviour Edition)

3. Envelopes with activities

4. Postcard

5. Stickers

6. A surprise goodie!

*We have also curated a virtual repository of information for the parents (accessible via the QR code in box), to take a step ahead and teach their child a bit more about soil. 

  • What soil is made of,

  • The type of soil around them,

  • Organisms of the soil,

  • The threats to soil health,

  • pH and how to measure it,

  • How to plant a seed paper,

  • The importance of soil health,

  • And much much much much more...

At the end of the Earthbox Experience, your child will learn: 

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